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Nyre was already irritated at the hiskr. One, he presumed to tell her how the Underdark worked when she knew how it worked even if he was referring to how it would be in relation to the surface. Two, he implied that she did not know where she was going and that she would waste her time when no female ever wasted her time. And three, he suggested that a "ruffian" being angry with her would be something that would be detrimental to her health or that city people had anything better to do than wait upon her pleasure.

A frown blossomed on her face. The hiskr might have been smiling, but that didn't mean that Nyre would agree with his emotion. He is working an angle for the other Matron. Though she seemed as dull as a stone. But even a dull stone dropped from a great height can kill. But she wasn't even that tall! Her reach doesn't even persuade the Houseless ones from joining hers.

While your tone is respectful, your words are a backhanded slap. I need none of that. I will simply find a Matron with a larger reach than your Ma, whom I could have killed with a single glance had I wanted to. She looked no tougher than a cave cricket and her daughters were no more than fleas on a cave rat's back! Should any ruffian wish to taste my steel, she is welcome to it! Her voice had risen in volume. At the end of her statements, she pivoted back in the direction she had gone before and began walking again, her footsteps heavier than previous. Irritation. So much irritation. She and her two sisters had scoured the tunnels, sought out other Matrons who told them more than that stupid Matron Ma, and then had reached the edges of their domain only for Nyre to be forced to the surface alone. I gave Matron Helles my word that I would bring Cammar back or never return. To go back on my word is to not only submerge my name into dishonor, but to execute myself. Cammar was certainly the cause of all this hardship.
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