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A small chuckle left him. "Please, Mistress, I could hardly take on a warrior of your prowess." He carefully kept his hands away from the rapier sheathed at his waist. "Ma is not my Matron... Houses are not quite the same up on the surface... I am a bard, and I wander as I will, without restraints." He paused, eyes scrunching a little as he tried to remember how to put it. "If it were down where you live, I would be houseless. It is not a dangerous position up on the surface, as it is in your home."

He shook his head, blinking slowly at her and smiling sweetly at her. "I will not delay your journey more than you would by searching in the wrong areas. I can help you, if you will allow me." he bowed slightly, eying the crowd as some people grew irritated. "Please, Mistress, let us walk. city people are... antsy when delayed." His tone was gently persuasive, pointing out only common sense. "I do not wish for you to have any of these ruffians angry at you." A charming grin lit his face and his eyes, the grin of someone who was a little easier to trust than most.

In the back of his mind, a tune was beginning to form, one that told of the dark, dangerous lady that he was looking at, as he knew her so far. It would be an interesting tale to tell, if she ever did return home.. There was no way of knowing. Maybe she would decide she preferred life here. Unlikely... but still.
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