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The hiskr came skittering out of the tavern after her. Brown fur with stripes, green eyes, looking so much like a wealthy lady's toy pet, though larger, Nyre supposed. He addressed her properly, assigning her a title of power. Nyre was beginning to suspect that he was a male running away from his House as well though she didn't know what to think about the multi-racial surface men. Perhaps he was Houseless?

She stopped moving in the center of the busy road, some people suddenly found themselves in a line that was unmoving and had to quickly jostle their way around, like leaves in a river. She regarded the feline-like creature for a silent moment before talking. I do not know what you wish to get out of this, hiskr. Is it not illegal for you to leave the sanctity of your House without your Matron's permission? Or perhaps she sent you after me as an assassin. I warn you though, I have never fallen for an assassin's ploy yet. My wits are as sharp as my sword. I must find Cammar or never return home. I cannot afford to dally for attempts on my life.

She explained her position succinctly as could be expected with a woman as impatient and sometimes terse and Nyre could be. No one anywhere did anything for altruism's sake alone. Why should this hiskr be any different?
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