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Ma stood there shocked for a moment as the woman left abruptly, and then bristled at the implied threat. "She had no reason-!" She sputtered, and then turned to storm off. Lan bowed to her, and smiled as he swiftly followed her out the door, offering soothing words as he passed the shaken women.

He tugged his coat straight, pushed his hat on straight, and stepped out into the sun, pupils narrowing into slits as he looked for the cloaked woman. Catching a glimpse of the dark cloak, he walked swiftly after her. "Mistress Nyre'venon." he called softly as he came up quickly behind her, pack bouncing slightly on his back. He bounced up through the crowd. Her name was as beautiful as she, exotic and amazing. Finally he bounced up beside her. "Please, Mistress, I can help you." His green eyes were wide and his voice still it's smooth, soothing tone, even as he tried to catch her attention.
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