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Nyre sighed heavily, restopping the bottle. The smoke hissed back into the bottle as if tugged in by a suction even as the stopper made a pop noise. She turned, her jaw clenching with irritation again. The Statute of the Procurement of Males is a sacred set of laws on the gathering and treatment of the household males to ensure that... She sighed heavily again. What is the use? You surfacers never understand anyway. I might as well speak archaic Orcish which only consists of 34 syllables intermixed with a series of grunts and gestures. I shall leave your House, Matron Ma. When the Underdark decides to unite and the terms of the Treaty of Peace with the surface expires, I shall lead my squadron to destroy your House for your falsities.

The drow's boots clicked as she simply walked out, disregarding the other weak-willed females by the walls and already believing that none of the males of the place were going to defend their Matron from her words of parting. It was customary to make a bold statement upon departure from someone who was less than helpful. The nerve of that Matron! She treated me like a child who spoke no language but babble! I will have to go and find a place with trees and buildings. He must be moving swiftly because I saw only buildings before which was why I came here in the first place! The door swung shut behind her as she stepped outside towards the cobblestone street, dusty from the travelers, tugging her hood back into place quickly so the light wouldn't blind her completely. She stood outside the door a moment to readjust before she started to walk.
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