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Ma almost rolled her eyes at Lan's drama, but accepted it in stride, as the no-nonsense woman almost always did. Her eyes widened at the sight of the drow, and the only reason she held swiftly together was not only the woman's polite manner, but the fact that her maids, her household was frozen with fear. A slight amount of anger rose in her, enough to stiffen her spine into straightness, to make her seem as if she really were a Matron, though in truth she was a Matron of sorts, of a tavern.

The smoke and image behind it made her start a little, unused to magic, and she frowned, recognizing that there was no way that the drow man could be in the city in that image. Her voice was terse, business like. "Mistress, I have never seen this man. Nor have I heard of the...Procuration of Males, or whatever. We're a different land upon the surface here. That man is not in the city though... You see the background? He's got trees. There's barely a tree to be seen in this place. I wish I could help you, but I've no way to help."

Lan stayed in the background, his eyes searching over the male drow's face. Everything about drow culture he had ever sung about was raising into his mind. They were matriarchal, which woudl be why she asked for Ma, as leader. That they treated males as chattel explained her mostly ignoring him, he was inconsequential. At the same time, his eyes admired her subtly. She was tall, muscular, curvy, and her hair... His fingers twitched, his ears tilting in a manner that spoke of his thoughts, but that only those who knew how to read him would understand.

He wanted her. He had just found his next wanted lady, and she was magnificent. But that portion of his mind was shoved to one side. This situation needed a careful touch, and he just might be able to help this lady... even if he was an insignificant male to her eyes, she would need help. After all, she didn't know the surface, and she couldn't just barge in to places demanding for ladies... men were more often in charge. A small smile sparked in his eyes, though he kept it from his face.
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