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Nyre drank her water quickly, wiping her mouth off with the back of her hand. She had been more thirsty than she thought. I should fill a skin while I am here if I must journey farther. Damn you, Cammar! I should be back at home! I need training, I need to wage war against House Blaireg'arst, and I need to get a new slave to take care of my lizard because he looked much too shabby in the scale when I last rode him. In fact, I should have that slave flogged and-- Her thought cut off as she realized that the hiskr was coming back down the stairs.

The serving women had stayed as far as they could from her now that Mary had been partially revived. When Nyre stood, the rest quieted ever muscle in their bodies as if they were rodents and a cat had just arisen from its nap. Her cloak swirled behind her as she waited for the hiskr to finish his formal introduction. Matron Ma, I present myself to you from House Helles. I am Nyre'venon, twenty fifth of that line. She gave a small bow of her upper half, a bow of nearly equals should Ma have actually been a Matron of the Underdark, Nyre being under a Matron in rank. I come, seeking aid, to find a rogue male who left the House compound three months, four days, and seven hours ago. Under the Statute of the Procurement of Males, Article Four, I am well within my right to ask you to surrender him or information about him should you have seen him.

She strode forward, standing before the woman in only a few strides, but Nyre's presence being all at once more intimidating even than Ma herself. The drow reached into her belt pouch and produced the enchanted bottle. With a hand, she displayed it before the surface woman and then uncorked it smoothly. The bottle came open with a pop as a soft blue colored smoke came out. The face of a drow man was formed within the smoke, the background suggesting perhaps a home near many trees. Had Nyre been familiar with the area, she would have known that the house and trees must've been out in the countryside instead of here in the city, but she was not familiar with the surface and didn't realize that City Randatria only had trees in a few public parks scattered throughout the city itself.
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