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Lan nodded and glanced at the maids who were still frozen. One had broken loose to kneel by Mary's side, but the others were still frozen. A glance at the woman as she pulled back her hood and sat, and the hiskr blinked quickly. A drow, here? No wonder her speech had sounded odd. He was used to being treated as insignificant by many, especially those driven by business. They had no time for bards, but this lady was gorgeous.

Swiftly, he pulled himself out of the thoughts, and started off, first to get a glass of water, returning to hand it to the drow woman before he started up the stairs to back up Lucy's request for Ma to come down. He found the maid quivering outside the door to Ma's office. "Please, Ma. You gotta take a moment..." She caught sight of Lan and continued to quiver. "Sir, she won't come out, no no, she won't."

Lan nodded and knocked on the door before speaking. "Mistress Ma, I know I of all people should not disturb you, but the lady asking for you is very...demanding. She has terrified your serving maids and will not take no as an answer. Please come down." He rested a clawed hand on the door handle, listening carefully for the woman inside.

The scraping sound of a chair and grumbling came though. The door was pulled in, showing a tall, heavyset woman with a scowl on her face. "Laddio, you try my patience. I know you play regularly here, but really? I'm at my books! What could possibly be so important?"

Lan dipped his head, and blinked at her with careful patience. "Madam, there is a drow woman asking for you, she has made Mary faint, terrified the rest, and is currently waiting for you. She has said she's on amission for House Helles, though I've never heard of them... She is in a position of power and refuses to speak to any but you. Please, come."

Ma sighed and rolled her eyes. "You're too smooth for you're own good, cat. Alright. show me down." She followed him.

Lan bowed slightly and led the way. He came down the stairs first, and with a proper bard's flair for drama, announced, "Mistress of this House, Ma." He bowed as Ma stepped past him and waited in the background, carefully assessing the situation.
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