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Nyre was irritated. These delicate, cowardly females and their ways of trickery and weakness. How can they even cow the males into complacency or at least begrudging servitude? Instead, no! They trick them, I think. Believing that they are weak and need protection perhaps? But I am of the same gender! Why should they hesitate to show their strength?! She was just getting ready to lean down and slap the girl in the face to wake her up again when a furred creature strode forward, issuing statements from its furred face.

The drow searched through her mind for the creature. Cat? Housecat? Cougar? No. Hiskr. It vocalizes in Common. The others make sounds that do not form words. This one walks on two feet and not four. Hiskr. Believed to be a cat monster and human half breed. Humans do breed with anything that has something to stick something in. The hiskr's polite tone calmed her a little. Nyre expected a male to be placating. This one, though of a race she was unfamiliar with, was doing exactly as he should. Based upon his stature and lack of breasts, she determined that he was a he even though she was uncertain if female hiskrs had breasts...

Nyre nodded and her ebony skinned hand slowly dropped from the hilt of her sword. Your tone is correct, hiskr. See to it your Matron Ma comes quickly. I wish a glass of water while I wait. Do not try to poison it or you shall feel my wrath. The drow woman stepped aside, listening for sounds of treachery or combat from the unfamiliar male of that unfamiliar race. She walked to a chair near a table that wasn't too far from the bar itself, only a few paces. She settled herself down.

Because she was indoors now and the sun was not shining too brightly through the somewhat scummed up windows from chimney smoke or pipesmoke, Nyre dropped her hood back slowly, letting her eyes try to adjust to the sudden bright flare of pink and white that swirled in her infrared vision painfully. Her pupils shrunk in her golden eyes and their red centers. Her hair tumbled down loose, curving around her angular face and around her bare shoulders. The way she sat in her chair was more or less crooked, but she was able to put one of her arms across the back of the chair and the other spread out on the table, crossing her legs so she could swing one in impatience whilst she waited for Ma. How rude it is to leave someone to wait for so long!
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