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Green eyes widened as the cloaked woman walked in and demanded to see Ma. He frowned slightly, shifting to watch the scene unfold. Mary, one of the other girls, was another who favored him with attention when she could, and he felt a snarl rise up in him at the other woman's antagonistic attitude towards the helpless maid. He suppressed it though, and let his ears flicker to the side a little as he pushed his hat on his head and stepped forward lightly.

Mary fainted dead away, and he couldn't stand by any longer. This woman was dangerous, and at a place where he was a regular, that was unacceptable. He nudged Lucy and whispered "Go get Ma..." He stepped forward, his short frame moving easily through the half-terrified maids and few customers. His posture was calm, and polite as he moved to check on Mary, crouching for a moment to look her over. Since she was breathing he didn't worry overly much for her at the moment.

Instead, he stood and looked up at the woman, his eyes searching under her hood, not quite able to make out details, though her way of speech was odd. Green eyes held large pupils as he focused. Lan's tenor voice was soft, and soothing. "Mistress, if you will wait for a moment, we shall see what we can do. Ma is currently busy, and she does hate to be disturbed, but if you would please refrain from making her servants faint, it will be easier for us to get what you wish." He smiled at her, charm in every line of his slender body, hoping the way he had pitched his voice would calm her, as it calmed so many others.
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