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Nyre found the tavern with little difficulty, the crudely painted sign was at least legible. She pushed open the door. It was early and the common room was not very filled. A few serving wenches as they were called, probably women who acted submissive in order to selectively poison those targets that they had contracts for. Nyre found the occupation distasteful, almost as distasteful as the painted women on the balconies of those establishments that were referred to as brothels, selling their "services." Why a woman would make a man pay for the honor? Are they just that unselective? If they take everyone, I suppose they must expect compensation for such a time honored copulation. It does take at least an hour for proper preparation of the implementations. Knives must be sharpened, straps checked to make sure the male will be held in place so he cannot accidentally struggle himself to harm, and Matron Helles always says that it's easier to take them as unawares as possible. I will leave all that to my sisters, lazy bitches and their soft pillows... Her mental grumbling subsided for now, she began to look around, completely disregarding the male population of the common room as her booted feet clicked on the wooded floorings.

I am looking for Ma. The drow warrior thought that perhaps announcing herself was the best way to get results.

A younger serving girl, a Mary by name, curtsied as she came close to the hooded drow whose eyes narrowed, suspecting some sort of treachery by these surface females. I'm sorry, ma'am. But Ma's upstairs with the books. She'll be available in an hour or so.

I see. Then what you are telling me that in order to have an audience with your Matron, I must either barge in upon her and face her wrath or wait an hour? Does your Matron know that I am on a mission from House Helles that should not be deterred? I must speak to her immediately as my matter is of grave importance and that time is not on my side. Go to your Ma and tell her that I wish to speak to her immediately! Nyre's hand had unconsciously found the hilt of her longsword. It rested there with complete ease as Mary's face went white.

S... She said to not bother her, ma'am. I... I'm just doing my job. Mary's quivering voice was soft and horribly nervous if not downright terrified.

I see. Your loyalty to your Matron is excellent. You are standing your ground. But I cannot wait. My mission is pressing and I have limited time, as I have said. If I must cut you down where you stand, then I shall. Go get Ma or I will kill you. Mary fainted, pale as a sheet. Her body thumped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Nyre sighed. Perhaps loyalty is not everything that one needs in a daughter... Her eyes scoured the common room, taking in all the female serving girls. Who will get me your Matron? I must speak to Matron Ma. Her stern voice could not be mistaken for anything except an implied demand with implied threat behind it, her golden eyes and their red centers gleaming darkly from inside the hood of her cloak, silver white hair trickling out of it like a delicate fountain.
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