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Tylan grinned as he stretched lazily, his gittern by his paws as he lounged on the short bench. Ma, as she was commonly known, was one of his favorite ladies. For all that she was not quite so cultured as what he preferred, she was kind, and pampered him as much as she was able when he played at night for her and her customers. Last night had been a late one, and as the day went by, he was asked to play only a few different songs.

At the moment, Lan was taking a short break, stretching in his flexible clothes. After another moment, he sat up, smiling as one of the maids, Lucy, came over to sit for a moment. He winked at her and she tittered at him. "Heylo, pretty one." He purred, picking her hand up and pressing a soft kiss to the back of it. She giggled and blushed lightly but pushed him away slightly. He was well known here, and welcome, but the girls knew that half of his flirtation was just fun, and they weren't into furry men, except to treat him as a pet, which he was fine with.

"Ma says s'time f'ya t'get food, Lan. Unless ya're playin 'nother night, she needs ya t'stop takin up space." Lan sighed dramatically, and looked away, ears tilting down in mock sadness.

"Already? But I've only been here all morning... She's kicking me out? Oh the cruelty!" He looked up at her with liquid eyes, and the maid tittered and pushed at him a little.

"Ya big fak'r! Ya're no more dis'pointed than ya ever are...."She pushed him up and shoved his gittern at him. "Go'n'git yer brekkis, fool cat!"

He laughed softly as he pushed the gittern into its case, and pulled his pack onto his shoulder to go get his food from Ma.
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