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Nyre had wrestled with the light for many weeks now, her rations getting smaller by the day. Without the small contingent of males that she had come with, she no longer had anyone to go out and hunt for her. While she was a wondrous warrior with great skill, she was no trapper nor a cook. Her boots clicked on the cobblestoned walkway of the busy merchant thoroughfare. She had gotten some more rations already, tasteless looking things that looked like pancakes made out of horsefood. Her hood was wrapped around her head, but the rest of her body couldn't stand the heat so she had flipped it open over her shoulders. People looked at her strangely, some mouthed 'drow' or 'new arrival' as she passed by, but this was not unforseen.

The drow, with her purpose, looked for someone who seemed competent. Ladies in fluttery lace failed to meet her standards. Unfortunately, that was all there were for females in this section of the street. She found a male merchant, a human standing behind a cart. Where is the female in charge of this part of the city?

Huh? What do you mean, good woman? There are guards abou-- The man, his face puzzled, was cut off as Nyre reached over and grabbed the collar of his shirt commandingly.

I am still minding my manners, surfacer. Do not make me lose my temper. Where is the female in charge? I must speak to her. She spoke behind gritted teeth as she looked at the man with her terrible, blazing yellow eyes with their red centers sparkling from within the darkness of her hood.

Uh... uh... Go to Ma's Tavern. She, uh, can help you there. Yes. N... Now just leave me be! He covered his head with his arms and hands to prevent a blow from landing should she decide to hit him in the face which she was seriously contemplating. Her fingers released his shirt and he rocked back towards the wall of a nearby building.

This "Ma" is whom I am to speak to? Good. See? That was not too hard. If you have lied to me, I will come and find you and kill your family. Her booted feet clicked upon the cobblestones as she walked further down the street, looking for a sign that said "Ma's Tavern."
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