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Dmitri adjusted his body so he could sit up and put an arm around the woman as she snuggled nearer to him to soak in their combined warmth, his cloak swirling around her back. He sighed contentedly, a gentle smile on his stubbly face. I've had a cave, a cell, and a house for winters. Never truly a den. It would be a new experience for me. A good one, I'd wager. My stench alone apparently couldn't keep her away from me. His smile widened as he held her more firmly, her smell filling his nostrils with grass, wood, pollen, and other earthy scents as well as the scent of her sweat from a day of exertion; natural scents in a natural world away from the supposed glamour of a world of torchlit streets, loud noises, and the frivolity and lewdness of a "civilized" world. The stars are our candles, the moon our cool, clean torch, the crickets are our raucous laughter accompanied by the bards of wolf song. Our midnight lovers the two sturdy trees that have grown together through the years, with branches leaning upon one another for support.

A nightingale began to sing in the dark, another one joining in its song after a while a distance off. He sighed again. He was weary with the requirements of a long day, but he was happy, content, relaxed. He had all he wanted in his life in this one moment. A warm fire by his feet, the heat on his nose, a lovely woman beside him for no other reason than she wanted to sit there, a trusty friend guarding their camp, and a small meal to content his stomach. What more could a man, any man, want? I can think of nothing better. He yawned tiredly as he watched the amber sparks of their fire dance up into the darkened sky like spiralling fireflies, the soft crackling of the wood casting more in their wake. He kissed the top of Keira's head before leaning his cheek against her.
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