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Keira smiled at Dmitri, more glad than annoyed at his teasing. She had never thought she would miss human company, but the give and take of conversation was addicting. Wolves, while they could speak after a fashion, in growls, whines and howls, didn't have the words to have a detailed talk with. Even though talking of her family made her restless, Dmitri smoothed it over easily with his easy-going nature. He was wolf in mentality, if nothing else.

Fenrir came into the clearing, licking his chops. Keira's lips turned into a wider smile as the wolf walked up to her, and she slung her arm over his shoulder and tugged him close to her for a moment before letting him go and shifting to sit next to Dmitri. "I'm fine. I've eaten enough." She settled into her seat, crosslegged as she leaned against the older man's side. She stared down at the fire, glad for the extra company when she had only had Fenrir for over a year now.

"Soon we'll need the blankets we have, rather than just curling up under the sky. Perhaps when winter comes we will find a permanent den for winter, where we can make it stay warmer. She snuggled close against her companion, and Fenrir sprawled across the fire from them, and licked his paws clean.
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