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Nymmur’ss cried out in pain as the claws ripped out of his arm and blood welled up, but he had no time to comment on it before he found the bucket tipping sideways. Gripping the wall that was now the top side of the bucket, Nymmur’ss’s feet scrambled to get a hold on what was previously the floor of the bucket. This only lasted a few seconds, however, before he heard the grinding and gripped tighter, eyes going wide as he managed to brace himself for impact. The dagger was flung free of the gears and the bucket crashed to the ground, the force knocking him free of his grip on the edge and slamming him into the other side of the bucket.

He groaned in pain. “I hate you.” He began to push himself sitting. His back hurt, his arm hurt. His other arm was dripping with blood and also hurt. “I really hate you.

Weakly crawling out of the bucket, Nymmur’ss wobbled to his feet, looking around and, spotting his dagger, walked over to it, picking it up. The blade was notched from being ground by the gears, and that meant it wouldn’t be as useful as it had been in a fight. Still, he had no replacement for it, so he forced it into his sheath.

Then he heard a female voice. He turned toward the woman, but cast his eyes downward as he did so, not daring to make eye contact. He wanted to point out that he wasn’t friends with Jik, but even though the description he’d received of this woman’s station indicated that he could do so, old habits died hard, and instead he remained quiet.
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