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Shayne had awoken almost immediately when the brushes continued to rustle more than wind would ever permit. But he stayed still, breathing evenly, his eyes opening just a crack. It looked as though he were still sleeping as he tried to count the people around them by the sounds as they settled into position. Then, sound stilled, and the glint of a shining breastplate entered his view, across the fire from him.

A deep breath, and Shayne let his eyes flash open. They reflected the firelight eerily as he studied the large man across from him. They were built along the same lines, made for heavy battle and large weapons. He noted the claymore the man carried and felt the comforting handle of his own. A slightly feral grin spread his lips as he spoke, his voice low, but still rumbling across the distance easily. "Good evening, Sir." He shifted how he sat, now comfortable, but easily able to rise to his feet. The man glanced around, moving his head only barely, trying to catch how many people were in the bushes, but knowing that there was more than the few he spotted.

"Come to share the fire?" he knew they were not, but he wanted a chance to stall, to take a look at the man who would soon either be dead or beatin ghim in battle.Shayne had no doubt it would come to battle, in fact, he was looking forward to it, sending a silent prayer to his god for strength, stamina, and speed.
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