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Honestly, the only thing the furry one was saying that made any sense to Nymmur’ss was the idea that women were trouble. They were, but that was only because of their sheer influence and power, at least in comparison to a man. The women being described by these two seemed weak, helpless, desperate even. Beyond the prostitutes, even the wives seemed to be in a position that was clearly out of power, doing nothing more than house work.

The surface world must be truly different than anything he could begin to comprehend. Nymmur’ss walked into the bucket, thinking, and was about to ask more questions when the bucket began to plunge. While the other two became quite loud, he remained silent. This was not through some strange courage, but rather, because he was so terrified that his jaw clenched shut and sound refused to come out. His red eyes were wide and he remained frozen, barely aware of the claws digging into his flesh.

It wasn’t until the dwarf ordered him to stop the bucket that he seemed to come to life, the use of the shortened form of his name snapping him out of the trance of terror he’d been in. Looking up, he spotted the pulley that the rope was running through and, pulling out his dagger, he reached up to where was likely out of the dwarf’s reach, and was just barely within his own, and jammed it into the mechanism, slowing the rope to a stop.

He sighed in relief, and hoped it would hold.
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