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I was fairly certain I was your prisoner, not your friend.

For one thing, friendship was usually mutual. For another, he was fairly certain one did not make someone a friend out of punishment, which is what he thought the reason he was traveling with them was.

Wife? Prostitute?” He had know idea what either of these things were. However, what was more shocking than these strange, confusing terms, was the way he so openly spoke against these women. He was about to question this strange courage when the other one spoke.

Yes, I encountered some on the surface. The concept still...confuses me. Not as much as your openness with speaking against these women, though. Couldn’t that get you killed?

After all, even the lowest ranking woman, and he assumed these ‘prostitutes’ were low ranking women, still towered below even the most commanding man in authority. At least in the Underdark. He was fairly certain he’d have been executed a long time ago if he made a habit of comparing women to donkeys.

So is the payment in exchange for inconveniencing them by making them want to sleep with you? And if so, wouldn’t they enjoy the grappling hooks even more in order to establish their dominance even more?
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