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Days to perfect? Good. He’d be long gone by then. Nymmur’ss gave Jik a dubious glance at the comment about liking nasty perverts as friends. For one thing, he thought the idea of using a grappling hook during sex sounded perfectly normal, though perhaps it was that he referenced sex at all that Jik was referring to. Another thing that had caught his attention was the fact that Jik once again called him ‘friend’. It was an odd thing to call a prisoner.

I’m not your friend.

He continued walking along in silence, seeing that his distaste at the idea of finding whatever women they were seeking was being ignored. However, after they continued on for a few minutes more, he spoke again.

So I assume these women are your keepers? Am I to be offered to them as a gift?

He couldn’t think of what else they’d want with him, and perhaps they’d be rewarded if they found more slaves for their women. Or, at least, there’d be less demanded of them if the women had more men to order around.
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