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Kerac the Swordslinger was nearly a legend in his youth, full of fire and martial prowess, he had battled his way into the tales of bards. He stood at 6'2" and held himself at nearly 250 pounds of compact muscle. He had been a hero at one point in time. But even heroes fall... His brother was taken to trial and hanged for theft, though later his innocence was proven. Kerac flew into a rage and took it upon himself to punish the law for their failures that would let an innocent family man swing in the gallows. Others flocked to his side, sympathetic to the cause. Now he was a man who wielded an army of bandits, plaguing lawman and merchant alike. One needed money to finance an army like Kerac's and merchants and travelers were the ones to possess it.

Kerac lead his twenty men towards the carefully marked campsite where the two travelers no doubt slept, their campfire a beacon in between the trees, seen over the bushes and hedges that were carefully pruned to keep the travelers from finding any cover. Kerac motioned his seven archers to surround the campsite and find themselves vantage points from the trees. Three men with crossbows and pikes he sent to make a boundary between camp and archers. The other ten, all fine swordsmen, he took with him towards the camp, making their steps as quiet as they could though it is nigh on impossible to have that many men move soundlessly. It would be better for the man in the camp to simply surrender the money and the woman and they'd simply go about their business and leave him be. Kerac and his men surrounded that camp, Kerac in his gleaming plate visible opposite Shayne in the glow of the fire's warmth, waiting for the paladin to acknowledge his presence as he was sure the man had heard them coming.

Sigh slept the sleep of the weary. She had fallen asleep relatively heavily due to the unaccustomed exercise since her time in court. She would be the last to admit that she'd gone a bit soft in such a gilded cage, but she had to a point.
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