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Nymus? Not quite his name, but close enough. At least he wasn’t being called ‘dirt’ now, and it was probably the closest to his true name that the hiskr could pronounce.

The leash will not be necessary.

He wasn’t planning on escaping in daylight, anyway. Unfortunately, it seemed that the hiskr liked the idea of this sadistic leash, regardless of the drow’s willingness to cooperate. In fact, he seemed to think it would somehow make them friends. His eyes went wide. Then they narrowed. No, he had no reason to fear. It would be no worse than mating with a woman, which often employed such things and could be quite enjoyable. It just...wouldn’t have the upside of pleasure mixed with the blood loss.

I don’t think we need to find any women, and there is only one time I want a grappling hook embedded in my flesh, and I certainly won’t be doing that with you.
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