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At the accusation, Nymmur’ss shrugged. “It was hardly my intention.

Particularly since he neither knew there was someone these two were trying to meet, nor what their situation was. This could hardly have been planned, and he couldn’t really bring himself to care about their situation, considering that he was essentially a prisoner. He’d avoid pain as much as possible until he made his escape, but since no threats were involved in that rant, Nymmur’ss figured he’d probably be fairly safe from this male unless the situation changed. Now, if it was a female, he’d be concerned.

The fact that the furry creature kept calling him ‘dirt’ irritated him. He assumed it was meant as an insult, rather than an assigned name. It wasn’t surprising that he was being insulted, of course, but it certainly was irritating.

My name is Nymmur’ss, and I’m certainly not ‘dirt’, at least no more than you are.
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