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Dmitri chuckled, wobbling on his elbows as she pushed into his shoulder. He spoke with a deepened voice, a presumed heroic voice. Fear not, Alpha. My stench alone shall fell our foes and put down our prey! The corners of his lips turned further upwards, the white of his teeth glimmering, his eyes twinkling. That in and of itself meant trouble. His voice became his normal conversational tone. Besides, you smell just as bad. He shrugged and laughed loudly.

She had slept beside him the night previous and found no ill with his scent then. The man figured that he didn't smell anymore foul today than he had the day before. Grass, dirt, pollen, wind, and dew were what he smelled of with the musk of sweat and maleness that he carried with him. They had run hard and far. Though he wished that he still possessed the capabilities of his werewolf body, he was content to be a man. The axe that he carried with him was enough teeth and claws for him to feel comfortable.

The stars were twinkling in the sky above, what light found them now was by campfire and moon alone. The sky always made him feel serious and sometimes somber, especially at night when the moon's glow reminded him of what he had been when he had been werewolf. Now that he was simply human, it made him remember. His tone was serious again. Have you had enough to eat then, Keira? I can pull out some more for you if you're still hungry. Come sit beside me. The nights are growing colder now that we approach the north, I've noticed. The company and the heat are always appreciated. He smiled kindly, still laying on his stomach. The man's pale blue eyes reflected the orange of the fire as they looked at the woman's face. Lady Dark, you are beautiful.
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