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His red eyes widened. Yes, of course the apology lacked sincerity. It couldn’t well have been more insincere if he’d said ‘you have my insincere apology’, seeing as he’d practically done so by outright admitting that the only reason there was any apology at all was due to his concerns for his eyes, and not wanting the creature to pull his hood back. He’d been prepared for this lack of sincerity to end in a fight. He’d been prepared for the possibility that this creature would just move on. What he had not been prepared for was the possibility of being expected to come with him.

Of course, since Nymmur’ss was currently on a blind search for any signs of magic, there was no pressing need to resist, though he glared at the furry creature when it grabbed him and said, “Of course my apology lacked sincerity! I have nothing to apologize for!

However, it was due to that pressing need that he decided not to pull out his knife and stab the strange creature. That, and because his friend was right there, and while he’d be able to kill this creature if he was quick, the chances of him being able to do so while defending himself from his friend and avoiding his hood falling down were slim enough that he didn’t want to take the risk. He could wait until nightfall, he decided. When it was dark, he’d turn on these two, kill them, ransack their belongings, and do as he pleased.

Happy with the thought of this arrangement, he continued going with these two, glaring at the hiskr as he did so, attempting to hide any glee he may be feeling as he imagined the look of surprise on its face that night when he would, if all went according to plan, pull out his knife and stab it to death.
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