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Shayne smiled at Sigh as she kicked her boots off, finishing the last of his food and tossing the apple core into the fire. The juice made the flame spark and sizzle for a moment, changing color for only a second before it started to waft a hot apple scent into the smoke. He removed most of his armor, letting only the padding stay on for warmth, banking the fire to settle into warm, glowing coals, and settled next to Sigh, still with his boots on. He didn't want an easy target of a foot for a snake in the jungle night.

Lightly he brushed his lips against Sigh's cheek, checked for his claymore, and settled to fall into the light sleep of the wary, his fingers curled around his weapon's handle. He was accustomed to not settling a watch at night. After all, he had traveled alone for far to long, and knew that there was no way to stay up all night. Instead, it was best to sleep as an animal did, lightly, and aware of the world.

With a final, soft sigh, Shayne glanced around the clearing once more, noting that the fire had dimmed to warmth and less light, and then closed his eyes wearily.
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