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She snorted and raised a dark eyebrow as his voice pitched higher than normal. She didn't sound like that! Any girl worth her salt in a fight wouldn't sound like that. She chuckled softly as he rolled onto his stomach, continuing his high-pitched voice. When he finished, half-complaining about having to bathe, she found herself grinning, even as she tried to hold a steady expression. Keira moved closer, and wrinkled her nose as she scrutinized him.

"A bath for sure! You're dirtier than Fenrir, smell wosre, and just because we run around in the wind is no reason for not being clean." There was a twinkle in her eyes though, obviously teasing him, though at the same time she knew when they were near a river she might very well push him in, to get at least the worst of the dirt off of him. Keeping from being overly dirty could keep them from being sick, and in the winter was no time to get sick. "We won't be able to catch any deer if you stay as filthy anyways, they'll smell you a mile off." She reached out to shove at his shoulder, breathing in deeply to catch the smell of broken grass.
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