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Elf? I am drow!” While the drow were a type of elf, he didn’t want to be lumped in with the more peaceful, nature loving species that the word more typically called to mind.

Then the furry creature insisted that Nymmur’ss should apologize, which he definitely did not want to do. However, he was wary of such a threat, as the sun and the heat were quite oppressive during the day in this place. Gripping the sides of his hood in each hand and pulling it down, he said, “Perhaps it is you who should apologize for impeding my escape, fur creature.

After all, from his perspective, this person was standing where he wanted to go. Granted, it was proper manners when you crashed into someone to apologize, but this was no woman, so he didn’t fear the consequences of improper manners as much. However, he realized, while he could fight many a man in darkness without so much as flinching, the light helped those from this place see, and left him blind. Perhaps he should be more willing to cooperate.

However, since you have me in an inconvenient position, I apologize, and will attempt to avoid such incidents in the future, if only to spare my eyes the pain of your wretched sun.

Possibly the worst apology that could have given, but a good apology was unlikely to come when one attempted to use a threat to extract it.
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