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The crash knocked the drow’s hood back, leaving him completely vulnerable to the blinding light.

My eyes!” And then he felt furry fists punching him. “My face!

The drow quickly scrambled off the hiskr, heart pounding, half panicked over what he interpreted as an unmotivated attack. He pulled his hood over his face, but he was even more blinded by the light now than he was before, and couldn’t blink away the bright spots of red that still flashed before his eyes. Blinking rapidly, he decided to make a quick dash for the nearest shade under a building.

Away, creature!” he hissed, waving his hand almost blindly to ward it off in case it decided to come near. “You won’t take me alive!

Because, of course, in that time he’d concluded that the only reason to place himself between the drow and wherever he was going, then proceed to attack him after the two had collided, was because he’d overheard the conversation and wished to make an example out of Nymmur’ss to impress the female. Of course, defending himself against the threat would be far easier if he could see.

Curse this light,” he muttered.
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