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Outside the brothel were women who were trying to draw in customers. Outside the brothel, too, was a drow who had only recently entered the town, and neither knew nor understood the strange and, to him, slightly frightening proposition from the strange woman.

"So you are saying...when you looked at me, you felt a surge of lust, and so you want me to go in with you and have sex with you, and to compensate for the inconvenience of my making you feel lustful, you wish for me to give you money you’re finished having your way with me?"

The prostitute simply looked confused. Once she regained her bearings, she responded with a frustrated, "No! If you are horny, you can pay me to have sex with you."

Nymmur’ss had an equally confused look as he attempted to sort out this explanation. He stared at her for a moment, before asking, "Is this some kind of test?"

The woman just stared. Surely it must be a test. She was seeing if, by giving him a bit of freedom, he’d try to take it and run with it. She knew that he may not be able to afford the inevitable blood loss that would happen if they engaged in intercourse, but likely would bleed him even drier than she would if he went along with her proposition. He wouldn’t escape from his home, however, only to be subjugated again.

"No," he said, with surprising courage, and, after that, his face showed a sudden rush of pride, before the terror that began to seep through at the woman’s exasperated expression. However, now that he began down this path, he realized there was no turning back, so he decided to go down it full force. "And there is nothing you can do to make me sleep with you, regardless of your passion."

And with that, he turned and ran, hoping to escape her inevitable wrath. As he did so, he glanced behind him, and was shocked to see her walking away. So shocked was he, in fact, that he didn’t notice if who or what he may be careening into at that moment.
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