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The man's wriggling in the grass ceased. He lay there and looked up at the sky. If she doesn't care about their opinions, why do we go? Somewhere, somehow, she must seek a reconciliation. One who leaves has no desire to return unless they are seeking something. My dear Keira, I will follow you then even if it is to heartbreak.

Dmitri turned his eyes to her face and chuckled. You could have lied to make me feel better. What followed next was in a higher pitch as if he was trying to imitate a girl's voice. "Oh, Dmitri! They will love you! They will not look at you as a dirty, smelly man even though you are. Oh no!" His smile widened and he rolled onto his stomach, facing her. "They will see you as I see you. A dark mess of tangled hair that smells bad and has dirt under his fingernails, but that is all apart of what endears me to you!"

He pillowed his head on top of his folded arms right under his chin, a smile still on his stubbly face. Am I going to have to shave then? I'm pretty sure that if I tried to do it myself, I will end up accidentally removing my nose from my face. Then there'd have to be a bath and my fingers would have to get all pruney before you let me come out of the river. And I'm pretty sure that if I have to, we'll be near an ice cold wintery stream where all the water would turn me to ice and you'd have to haul my iceblock self around in a cart. It was obvious that he was joking. The lilt of his voice suggested that heavily as did the smile that was across his lips and the twinkle that had settled there in his lovely blue eyes.
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