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The strain of the day had made her very hungry and very tired. Her food was gone quickly, a yawn escaped her right after, and soon she had kicked off of her boots and crawled into the bedroll. The benefit of not wearing armor, she could simply kick of her boots and sink into the warm fabric even if she could feel the hard ground beneath it under the somewhat cushiony grass. She didn't think about her demons or about taking watches or anything like that. She never had when it had been simply her though she always had a demon to watch over her at night. Shayne made her feel safe now so she was oblivious to the fact that he probably couldn't stay up all night to keep watch over her. And the fact of the matter was, she simply felt comfortable now on this path. It had been a peaceful trek with no signs of danger thus far and she believed that they were on the correct detour. Good night. She smiled and closed her eyes. Once she had done that, the darkness of the night took her into the land of oblivious slumber quite quickly. Her breathing slowed to a rhythmic crawl and she didn't move at all, dead to the world.

The men that had been following them all day at a distance took a few sidepaths to get back to the bandit camp to alert the twenty men there that some fresh meat had entered their forest thanks to the false detour that they had marked. The man in armor looked formidable, but it had been quite a while since any of them had had a woman. Based upon her looks, they figured that someone had to have money somewhere. The leader of the group was a heavily scarred, heavily muscled man that wielded a claymore. This should be fun. A light exercise before bed is just what we boys need, yeah? There were grins all around as then men donned their armor and took up their weapons before heading down their secret trails towards the campsite where Sigh and Shayne were taking their rest.
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