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((OOC: Time skip! Time skip! And everyone does their shopping so the storyline can keep on moving...))

The shopping took a few hours. Shalin managed to keep everyone in line to spend only what they needed on items of good quality that they needed for the trip. Rations, clothing, weapon sharpeners and polishers, and a little bit of booze for Ra. The centaur had noticed that he was still quite down and, while she didn't drink and didn't think very highly of the activity, she simply wanted the draconian to feel a bit more upbeat, like his regular old self. Oudrana bought some chemicals for her smoke bombs, needles and thread, and some packaging supplies for Kithra's business. It got delivered back to Kithra's house on a small cart that Shalin was fine to get strapped too. It was good exercise for her muscles even if it caused her to feel fairly stiff. Bryant came out once they reached home and began to help organize and pack the wagon that would be attached to Odos come the next morning, the morning that they would begin the trek to the surface. Kithra sat in a chair that Bryant had brought out for her so she could add her own opinion as to how a wagon should be packed. Willy did that as well for both of them were accustomed to the necessity of weight distribution in the wooden structure.

And then the next morning dawned. Shalin awoke with a stretch. The Underdark was so timeless because of the constant darkness that she was itching to get back into the sunlight of the surface. She shook out her flanks and stood slowly, flipping her tail. That needs to get brushed. There are tangles on the tangles... But today is the day! The centaur's hooved clopped gently on the floor as she moved about to tap everyone's shoulders to make them wake up. It might have been "early" Underdark time, but the excitement to start the journey was weighing on her shoulders. It would take them several days to get there up the tunnels, but the sooner they headed out, the sooner that they'd go "back home." Light, grass, birds chirping! My God, I cannot wait a moment longer! Wake up, everyone. I can smell breakfast already and, once we're done eating, it's time to go! The energy in her voice was very tangible.
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