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Keira held in soft chuffing sounds of wolfish laughter as she watched Dmitri scratch his back, no doubt staining his dark clothing with grass even though it would not show on the dark colors. She finished swallowing the last bits of her food as she listened to him. He was matter-of-fact about his past and rather more correct about how her family would hold his past and how he was now against him. A small sigh escaped her as she wrinkled her nose. "I will not hide my pack from them. They know I live as a wolf, and if they cannot accept who I allow in, that is not my problem. I left them long ago, and as such have made my own decisions. Nothing they do can make me change my mind."

She smiled at Dmitri. "Will they approve? No. Do I care much? No." She paused part of her debating whether to tell him her family background, and letting the matter drop quickly. She did not claim her noble blood. It didn't matter, out here in the wilds.
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