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Sliding the fire-starters back into their pouch, he smiled as Sigh addressed him, reaching out to take the food from her with one hand, and laying some of the smaller sticks upon their fire to keep it lit even if he didn't tend it for a little while. He shifted his seat closer to Sigh as he started to eat. The food, simple though it was, was also flavorful and reminded him of adventures and battles he had been upon before he met his newlywed wife. In the back of his mind he remembered that he still needed to commission her a matching ring to the one he still wore, though for traveling it was hooked on a string around his neck.

Swallowing, Shayne grinned at Sigh and shifted his seat. Now crosslegged, he settled into position leaning a little forward, letting his muscles stretch before they cooled completely. He knew that even then, he'd likely still be sore in the morning, but both him and Sigh would adjust. "At least we're properly outfitted for a trip. Our muscles will adjust." Saying "our" gave him a subtle way to say that he was experiencing similar aches in his own feet. Having been at the castle and court for long enough for his muscles to soften. Even the training that the Leosinian's did didn't keep them in shape like being on the road and battling there did, though most probably wouldn't believe him. Without much ado at all, he finished the bread, meat and cheese, and started into the apple. It crunched with a light crispness, and filled his mouth with juice at the same time.
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