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Caron exhaled softly. The raising of a child is a tricky thing which is why it is best to have at least two people do it. But you would not be the best at raising her at this time due to the fact that you are still young, she is not your blood, nor would you have any help. Raising a child on the road is another thing entirely. I do not doubt your compassion and the wealth of love you might bring her for you have those in abundance, but the road is no place for a child. Uncertainty of the next meal, no intersocial skills available to learn, no true knowledge of the law or of the gods, that is not something I could condone. This girl maintains her innocence it seems despite what she has been through, despite what she may have lost. It would be best to find her a home. To give her to a church as a daughter and ward would have her in the service of the deity. She might not be able to marry or carry on a line of offspring depending upon the religion. A family that we might come across may seem a fine thing, but it could simply be a facade so they can get free slave labor. I've heard of such things happening though I have not seen it myself. There are multiple dangers regardless of what road we choose for her and we will choose for her as her current legal guardians due to my status as priest, recognized by the Charter of Randatis, section 2, part A, line 14. I lump you in with me on the decision just because, as a man, I do not feel that I would have all the necessary feelings towards the child that a more maternal person would have. He shrugged.

It was easier for the priest to make it a joint decision so he wouldn't have all the blame should it go wrong. Caron was not much of a child sort of person. He preferred grown men and women, whose minds could discern his own and were as sullied as his own. Children were simply too innocent to be left in hands that brought death even as they brought life. Randatis chose his servants and Caron knew that he had been chosen, but why was not a question for which an answer had been revealed for him.
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