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Elle agreed with Caron on the fact that childrens' minds were unwarped and most children were unused to pain. She loved a child's mind and marvled in the fact that their innocence and unbiase due to the lack of those lifehood experiances, could see more than an adult. Their logic was clear and often made more sense than an adult's judgements. And they had the most brilliant outlooks on life. She was also flattered by his compliment and smiled back as she hugged the baby girl closer. "I've had much experiances caring for the young, injured, shocked, catatonic, and dying. This one is only just young and wildly trusting given the desolation she escaped."

As she continued to walk, Tera trotting a few feet ahead, she thought about what would be the best place for the girl. Elle shuttered to think about putting her in an orphanage. While in the city, on one occasion, a lady caretaker of an orphanage was running around in the streets shouting for help. Elle spoke to the woman and after learing of a depseratly sick child within the walls of the orphanage and hurried after the woman to help. From what Elle could see, the building was clean and taken care of, the children were washed and most were well mannered. And it looked like a good place, until she had found the young boy. He was only seven or eight in years and dying. He had a virus that was stopping the orgons in his body and steeling is very breath away. Elle knew the moment she saw the pale face, gaunt, colorless eyes and blue fingernails and lips that he was far too gone. But to ease the histerical caretaker, she made salves and potions in vein. The healer also knew that the virus was extremely contageous and that every single child in the facility would die within days. The orphan boy had been brough into the clean place a mere two weeks before falling ill. No matter how careful the workers in the orphanage could be, there was too much risk for such a little life. Elle would not let this child fall into the hands of even the best orphanage. "I cannot fathom the idea of an orphanage but a church would do. That would be an area of your expertise, but a decent famly would be best I think. I have no doubt I could care for her for a while, but I'm not sure how capable I am of rasing a child." She said softly, doubting herself and her abilities .
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