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Caron shrugged his shoulders as Elle asked him whether the child's knowledge of him was a good or a bad thing. I've no way to know. I do not recognize her. My role was a silent one. I was used and abused at the hands of the man. He... preferred young men. All else in the compound I treated as kindly as one as silent as I could. My healing gifts were oft used by the slaves and I could not trust many that lived there. Some spoke lies for favor or ferreted out truth for reprieve from suffering. We all did as we must in an untenable situation. I was well known by all though. Priests are symbols of hope even in dark times. Perhaps I blessed her at one point or healed a wound. The elven man sighed. I've never been very good with children. I do not understand the unwarped minds, I suppose. Adults have had life experiences and are jaded and used to suffering. Children are blank slates of light that I would hate to put my hand to lest I place my mark wrong and they suffer the consequences. It is better for one such as you to hold onto them, for you are gentle and kind. He smiled at Elle.

He wriggled his toes in his new boots and looked ahead through the trees. We shall hopefully learn more of the girl soon. I certainly would hope that we could find an appropriate place to leave her. A decent family, a church of some benevolent deity, or an orphanage of good standing. It might do her some good to be around other humble people from which she could learn and grow and become a lady of repute.
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