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He smiled,letting his pack swing to the ground and settle near the firepit. "I'll gather some firewood." The clearings were spaced evenly so as to make sure there was at least some wood for a fire, even if one didn't bring any. Eyes open and alert, the man walked just into the edge of the bushes, where deadfall was easy to find, and breaking the dead sticks from underneath the leaves provided easy and ample amounts of kindling and tinder. It took about two trips, almost ten minutes, to have a sizable pile of small and large pieces of wood and a few handfuls of kindling to get it all started.

He knelt next to the pit, taking gloves off and nimbly setting up a small pyramid of tinder and kindling before pulling out flint and steel and starting to strike sparks onto the pile. He had to adjust the angle twice before a couple of spark jumped onto the tinder, starting a small coal. After that it was only a few minutes before they had a small, crackling fire that radiated it's warmth and light, through the warmth was not overly needed.
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