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Tali's eyes widened a little as she looked at all the things they could buy. A lot of items she recognized from various encounters and a lot of from the training camps she'd been forced into. Absentmindidly she set her small hand on her covered flute. But then again there were other things that she had never seen before and that she thought would be considered strange even to those on the surface. The thought of new gadgets and trinkets excited her and she tugged a little on Ra's hand as her little feet moved a pace faster. "C'mon! Lets go look." Her grin was wide and gave a childish light to her eyes. The green orbs glittered in the strange light that wasn't the sun.

The little girl took hold of Shalin's hand as well so she was halfway pulling both the adults along with her. "Can we go in? There's so much stuff."
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