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The fact that the theif still lived in the man made her feel a little more at ease, as strange it was. He was honest to his background and didnt hide it. Nor did he pretend to be anything else. He was a preist and he was a theif, and it was who he was. She had no doubt he was more than just that in reference to the man himself. He was hansome and his eyes melted her core. And he was honest. He had told her that he hand just wanted the touch of a woman and nothing more. And she had to accept it. She was also greatful to him for not leading her on and stringing it out only to crush her when he left.

The little one in her arms stirred a little bit when Elle's steps had took on an uneven stride while thinking, but she set her stride back to normal and Amabel grew restfull again.

It didn't take Tera long to locate a river and run back to guide their way. Elle answered Caron's question as best as she could. "All I could get from her was that her name is Amabel and she was a prisoner where u were held too. I think she may have fallen into the trap when everyone started to escape from that place. And given her age, I have no doubt that she was born within those walls. She would have been too young to have been captured when her mother was. She may tell us more once she's calmed down." The girl seemed strong and could push through with some help.

Curiosity and worry probed at her mind until she spoke again. Her words were cautious and even a little bit unsure. "Caron...she recognizes you.. Is that a good thing or bad thing?"
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