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Q: How are my RP posts supposed to be formatted?

A: In Elefor, we want to keep all post formats at least somewhat consistant so other players will know what to expect in your writing. Through my experiences, I have found that it is best to do a few things a bit differently than just simply writing a novel.

1. Color your dialogue. Whether or not you are a big fan of actual quotation marks or not, when your character wants to talk, please just put the whole thing in a specific "speech color" for each character (a different color for every character please). If you have your character and you're controlling 2 other NPC characters, you will have three different speech colors in your post if those NPCs choose to talk. Why do we do this? Here's why. When you're suffering from writer's block, the most common thing to do is look at the dialogue. Verbal dialogue from your party is what you are going to be responding to first in your mind. It is just simply quicker to find that dialogue in a large paragraph if it's colored. You can find the color list in this same forum under "Dialogue Color List."

2. Basic formatting. This is not really a rule, but more of a guideline to get you to write more. I have always felt that I had to do more of a three step process when posting which holds pretty much consistant except with the first post of a thread.

-Step One- Respond to the actions of the players in the previous post. What is going on from your point of view and that does this cause you to think? Does the environment surrounding you have any impact on the situation?

-Step Two- Act/Speak! If you're being attacked, now say what you're doing to counter that. If you were being spoken to, what will you say? What's going through your head as you act or think.

-Step Three- What do you think is going to happen next? What are you preparing yourself for? If you predict your enemy's next move, you can block or evade it.

-End Post- You don't need to have three paragraphs necessarily. I just wanted to break my method down for you. The only requirement for you is to post up to 150 words. You can always go over. If you go shorter repeatedly, you will be warned and, if you need, you can pm me for help/advice in how to post longer to fill the minimum quota.

3. I think I'll use italics. Italics are used for thoughts. No color needed. If you're thinking, you're using italics. This is so your narration of your actions won't get mixed up with whatever you're thinking about doing.

4. Write in third person. By that, I mean that you should use pronouns like he, her, it, etc, when referring to your character instead of I or me. This will keep things consistant and give you some good omnipotent narration time.

5. Write in past tense. This just keeps everyone talking the same so things flow a little bit better all around.
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