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The basic concept of currency is this:

Gold is the highest form of currency in coin formation. Silver is the next highest and Copper is the least form.

10 copper = 1 silver
10 silver = 1 gold
10 gold = a good deal of money

In any case, this forum isn't going to spend a whole load of time on money as it's hard to moderate and pay attention to. So basically, this is how we're going to do money on this forum.

You moderate your own money. If you abuse this, then we'll have to accuse you of god-modding with your money and you'll have to face disciplinary actions. However, this is the bottom line. You can have a reasonable amount of money to buy supplies. You can say you did something to earn money (whether through theft or a legitimate method) and use it to buy things or save up for things. I expect you to be reasonable and realistic in its uses and gatherings.

If you want to buy something big (by that, I mean, a horse, a camel, or some sort of canoe or bigger), then contact myself or one of the moderators who will review your request and, if we feel it's reasonable and that your character appears to have saved up enough for something like that, then we'll say, "Sure, that's awesome." If you have any other questions, let me know and I'll do my best to be clear about it. Other than that, have fun and spend the money that you have wisely.
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