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Bards are entertainers and speakers. They provide public service speeches, juggle, dance, act, sing, and tell stories. Many bards choose to simply concentrate on one field of entertainment though some choose a few just to round themselves out a bit. They dress in many different varieties, carry different props or musical instruments, and appear as many different things throughout their lives. They excel with creating costumes whether an embroidered pair of pants or a handsomely carved mask or lute. Bards are, however, some of the most persuasive of people whether convincing people that they are trustworthy or soothing them to sleep or even causing a panicked riot in the streets with a well-sung tune. In order to protect themselves on their own in the wild, they often wear some type of one handed weapon, like a club or rapier.

Common bard abilities include:
Blunt or Bladed Weaponry
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