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Beast Trainer
A beast trainer is a profession that is more like a partnership between person and animal. The beast trainer has one animal that is bonded to them through a time period where the animal learns to trust the person. Sometimes the beast trainer will be the one who raises the animal from a baby which makes the trainer a parental figure in the mind of the young creature and that is why the animal will obey the command. Some other ways include repeated friendly contact with an animal or taking care of a seriously injured animal to nurse it back to health. The companion animal will only follow commands that do not mean certain death. However, in times of danger, the companion animal will attempt to protect both itself as well as the beast trainer. The beast trainer themselves will wear light armor and fight with a variety of one handed weaponry. They might also wield a shield. The animal companion is of any common animal variety which includes big or small creatures. Beast Trainers command them with one word prompts, hand signals, or short phrases to indicate what needs to be done. While the beast trainer and their animal companion have a close bond and sometimes seem to understand each other on an internal level, the animal cannot speak to the beast trainer in understandable words or telepathy. Also remember to post descriptions of what your bond animal is doing regularly, preferably in every post. If you do not, your animal might simply wander away by staff decree and you'd be a poor beast trainer without one.

Common beast trainer abilities include:
Animal Bond
Light Armor Specialty
Shield Knowledge
One-Handed Weaponry
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