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A paladin is a warrior directed by the gods, imbued with goodness and mercy along with a strong arm. They seek out evil and purge it with their mighty blades. They are warriors who set out upon a pilgrimage to all of the holy sites, beseeched the gods for power to do right for the oppressed and the weak, and sought to follow the will of the gods in suppressing evil-doers. Paladins are generally an idealistic and stubborn lot. They are also the ultimate boyscout in armor, helping older people chop firewood, carrying pretty ladies after they tripped and twisted an ankle, teaching young boys about honor and about following the gods. They specialize in heavy armor and two handed weapons. Being the chosen of the gods, they also have certain magic powers for healing and light. Paladins don't become full paladins until they have completed their pilgrimage to all five sacred sites around Elefor.

Common paladin abilities include:
Heavy Armor Specialty
Two-Handed Weaponry
Minor Healing
Temporary Blind

Sidenote: Please realize that you must get staff approval before being considered for a paladin character.
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