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A rogue is a sneaky individual, more suited to wearing shadows than wandering about during the day time. They are most noted for armed robbery, intimidation, and the trade of information. While akin to thieves, rogues are more noticeable. The eavesdrop, waiting for someone to pay for the information that they have garnered or to pay for the "protection" that they offer. They usually wear dark colored clothing, loose around the arms and tighter around the legs to avoid getting caught on things when they sneak around. They stick to one handed weapons that would be easier to carry and manuever with and sometimes use a shortsword in one hand and a dagger in the other, to provide them with more of an edge... literally and figuratively. A rogue's armor is usually made out of dark leather, complete with cloak and hood.

Common rogue abilities include:
Light Armor Specialty
Keen Ears
Dual Wielding
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