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Wizards come in many different ways, but perhaps the most common trait amongst them is their quest for knowledge. They seek to learn and, through learning, acquire things such as power, fame, or respect. They wear robes of various colors and usually carry staffs or wands which serve to channel their magic powers and give them a focal point from which to cast their spell. The older a wizard is, the more likely that he or she knows more magic than a younger wizard and is more competent. A wizard will usually pick a certain skill set or element for all of their magic in order to make them wiser in that one area. Example: One wizard has determined that they enjoy fire magic. They will learn spells such as Fireball, Shield of Flame, and Torch instead of Icy Path or Snowball. Those that choose to go after more than one specific field (two maximum) often is only okay at everything instead of excellent in that one field. With wizards, they must learn an incantation with every spell. As they grow more familiar with the incantation and better with their spells, they will not have to issue the incantation out loud.

Common wizard abilities include:
Read Magic
Cast Magic
Staff Barrier
Mage Light
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