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General Description
Draconians, as the names might suggest, are descendents of the great beasts that ruled the skies and caves many eons ago. Or... some scholars might propose that draconians themselves made up the legend are are really just overgrown lizards. Whatever the case may be, they are a race comprised of reptilian people. Standing as tall as 5'5" or as short as 4'5" and weighing in at an average of 150 to 215 pounds, Draconians are covered in scaley hides that are tough in nature. The shapes of their scales vary upon their heritage being sometimes rounded all the way around or pointed and the texture is either smooth or bumpy. All of them have tails of various lengths. Instead of ears like many of the other races, Draconians make due with a little hole below each temple. Sometimes these ear holes are marked by a ridge around them while others may have what has been known as the "dragon fan," which is similar to the membrane on the sides of a dragon's head as depicted in classical works of art. Despite their seeming relation to dragons, no Draconian has the ability to fly. As for color, nothing is too dull or too bright when it comes to a Draconian. Dull browns and earthtones to vivid lavendar or pink in various patterns cover this race. Their eye color tends toward the same vein as their bodies in their color ranges. Each eye is slitted down the middle, once again attributed to the dragons of ancient times. As for lifespans, they mature around the age of 10 and live roughly until the ripe old age of 130.

Family Life
Creatures of an ancient ancestry, Draconians are a proud people, fiercely loyal to clan even as they seek to adopt other races into their lifestyle no matter how resistant another race might be. They are known as loud, flamboyant, and spirited. They are very open about their opinions and often throw parties for their families as excuses to be loud and together at the same time. Female Draconians produce 25 eggs during their lifespans which are stored in their body until they mate and choose to lay one of her precious eggs. At the time of this choosing, one to three eggs are released from the fertilized female. Then the egg or eggs must be incubated continuously by the pair for at least 30 days during which the eggs swell with the growing Draconian until it is able to break free from the eggshell. Even with their loyalty to family and home, a young to middle-aged Draconian often leaves home to explore the world if only to simply see everything that they are able to see.

Racial Abilities
Swimming: Draconians are born knowing how to swim. Their tails act as steering mechanisms and their eyes and nostrils have a clear and mobile skin covering that acts as a blockade against water in their eyes or nose.

Tail Weapon: Draconians have a powerful muscular tail as well as natural instincts. When danger is close at hand, they have the innate knowledge as to how to use their tails when they are disarmed and use the appendage like a low swinging club.
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