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General Description
Dwarves come in one basic variety; short, stout, and generally muscularly rotund however contradictory that may seem. Standing short between 3'10" and 4'6", dwarves don't seem to be the most imposing race, but they are like the mountains they live on or under, unyielding. They weigh roughly between 150 to 200 pounds and can expect to live up to 240 years, maturing around the age of 18 or 20. Dwarves have thick hair that they usually like to braid or tie back no matter what gender they may be. Male dwarves grow thick beards. While many other races joke about it, only older female dwarves grow beards which are not nearly so thick or so long as the males'. Dwarven skin tones and eye coloration coincides with Human ranges; skin being cream, tan, brown, olive, or ruddy and eyes of blue, green, hazel, or brown colors.

While humans and dwarves are able to have offspring together, half-dwarves are little more than slightly taller dwarves, never growing taller than 4'9" and are seen as dwarves by other races. While their hair and beards may never be as thick as their authentic dwarven relatives, it is not a factor of much consideration. Half dwarves also simply call themselves Dwarves.

Family Life
Dwarves are very close within their own clans and try to remain separate from other clans. Some dwarves do leave their clans from time to time in attempts to procure a spouse from a neighboring clan. And some dwarves leave because of a banishment or a natural curiosity about the world further beyond their clan walls. As a race, they are fond of having only two to three children as they often delight more in their metal crafting or alcohol brewing than in the rearing of children. Older members of the community are often greeted and their opinions and votes often hold more weight than those of younger generations.

Racial Abilities
Heat Sight: Dwarves can see sources of heat and temperature. The differences in temperature translate into color. The warmer the temperature the warmer the color will appear and the cooler the temperature the darker and cooler the color hue will be.

Weaponcraft (Metal): Dwarves by nature are excellent creators of all things weapon oriented. Their close kinship and association with metal and stone has translated itself into an almost innate ability to know how to create the most basic metal weapon with minimal training. Dwarven weaponsmiths are the best craftsmen and have the longest experience in making metal weapons.

Irongut: Being exposed to all sorts of potent alcohol, even at younger ages, Dwarves have a higher tolerance for liquor of any sort, able to conquer almost all opponents at drinking competitions except for maybe the biggest trolls.
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